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The Pool Concept

After looking at the current shipping market trend and its high volatility, we realised that there is a call for a “POOL” concept that would serve Ship Owners needs and interests more constructively. The increasingly specialised nature of shipping and the enormous pressure on Ship Owners to cut costs to stave off competition has become an integral factor of today’s successful business.

Medpool Limited was formed with the aim to “pool” resources and to negotiate on behalf of its members (the Ship Owners) with its suppliers in order to obtain the most favourable prices whilst not compromising on quality. In simple terms, the POOL concept enables Medpool to serve its members by acting as a Group rather than an Individual Ship Owner.

By assembling ship owners and their needs into a POOL, a greater purchasing power is generated, allowing the benefit from competitive pricing. Medpool’s established contracts with its suppliers grow, thus economy of scale is achieved.


  • Profits & Savings attributed to an enhanced purchasing power of 500+ vessels
  • Enjoy supply contracts at the most favourable terms & conditions available
  • Sustain direct contact with suppliers