Smart purchasing starts here


250 years of combined expertise in developing cutting-edge technology.

An optimisation platform that enhances marine lubricants procurement and supply.

Our digital platform leverages supply intelligence, negotiation skills, and supplier network to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Our platform is dedicated to serving ship owners, charterers, operators, and ship managers.

How does it work

Simplified solutions

Effortless uploading of contracts

• Seamless comparison between ports and products
• Set key ports to ensure purchasing at specified locations and within budget
• View your total costs associated with supplies

Digital Opt
Digital Opt

Be ahead of the curve
Track your remaining on board

• Maintain your ROB information via noon reports
• Define min and max vessel tank capacity per vessel
• Receive notifications in advance for your vessel’s lubrication needs
• Plan strategically and optimise purchasing and operations

Integrated system
Accurate procurement

• Integrate with your existing systems, enabling streamlined processes
• Avoid a plethora of emails and enjoy one single interface to place your order
• Upload each vessel’s lube charts to ensure correct product requisitioning

Digital Opt

Keeping you informed
Monitor your spending
Master your budget

• Access to customised reports filtered by vessel, ports, products and suppliers
• Identify areas of improvement and master the art of smart purchasing

What’s in it for you?

• Make the most out of all your contractual agreements
• Reduce maintenance costs and downtime
• Optimise consumption, increase efficiency, and see your savings soar
• Moving your lubricant procurement process to best-in-class
• Provider who has long-standing relationships with leading brands and independent suppliers